Sabtu, 16 Januari 2010

Information about Muslim women part II

Today many women Women who shave her eyebrows, and then he makes his own line of eyebrow to look more beautiful. What is the ruling shave her eyebrows for the religion of Islam?

Shave the eyebrows is haraam, as described in the words of the Prophet. which reads: "Allah has cursed annamishol and almutannammishol", which means: Allah has cursed the woman who shaved her eyebrows and women who want to diicukur eyebrows or who requested to be shaved eyebrows ".

So, a woman is forbidden to shave her eyebrows or ask for the shaving eyebrows.

Source: taken from the book Ust. Labib, titled Mz Problematika Muslimah Masa Kini Di Era  Modernsasi


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Aulawi Ahmad mengatakan...

nice n useful info Sist :) tq 4 share :)

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