Sabtu, 23 Januari 2010

Do not stay up

It brings up all the effects are not good for our health. allows us susceptible to illness due to frequent night in the wind. does not matter if we stay up because there are important things, but if we stay up, but there was no good at all we will lose big. As we often stay up late into the night, we will be hard to get up early, we are reluctant to conduct activities during the morning.
If we've worked, we would be reluctant to go to work. What if we're still a student, it is not good if we stay up late into the night. when he was the school, feeling sleepy would still exist, causing a sense of wanting to sleep again and lazy to do learning activities. just not so nice, especially the students had.

What if we have trouble sleeping at night ..?

this is often encountered among young children, but if we are really difficult to sleep at night, it's easy. several hours before you sleep, do things hard, causing tiredness, fatigue and so on. so we would feel like to sleep and will sleep soundly in your.



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