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Benefits of chocolate

Start the friends who did not dare to eat chocolate for fear of obesity, I have little information about chocolate. I hope my friends who had not dared to eat chocolate, after you read the information from me so do not be afraid to eat chocolate.

Chocolate contains antioxidant flavonoids, which is useful for health. Chocolate comes from cocoa plants, which are among the flavonoid phytochemicals. Content of flavanols in chocolate are much higher than the plants that contain more flavanols content. Cocoa has a high fat content, but according to some studies fat content of stearic acid which will not raise blood cholesterol levels like other fats.
Some of the benefits of chocolate : 

1. Chocolate may reduce risk of heart attack.
According to John Hopkins University School, USA, If we eat or consuming chocolate really chocolate or pure cocoa we will avoid the risk of dying from heart attacks at nearly 50% of cases.
And the research also revealed that the formation of blood clots in the chocolate-eaters much slower than that do not consume chocolate.
If the formation of a blood clot is too large, heart blood vessels can be blocked and will cause a heart attack.

2. Chocolate can lower blood pressure and reduce insulin resintensi.
According to research conducted in Italy by comparing with 15 healthy men given chocolate containing flavanols and regular chocolate does not contain flavanols, and then observed within 15 days, found that diabetes risk factors in the group who ate chocolate containing flavanols, is declining.

3. Chocolate can improve arterial blood circulation.
According to experts, many healthy people who consume chocolate containing high flavanols have a good arterial blood. Expressed also in people who eat chocolate diligent high flavanols, their ability to with very high relaxation.

A delicious chocolate. Enjoy ...


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