Jumat, 29 Januari 2010

Experiences and tips for our blog visitors more crowded than usual.

This time I will share some experiences and tips for our blog more visitors than usual.

Everyone who has a blog, would want to visit the bustling blog.

Like my first, first time my blog so, I felt like my blog so visitors crowded, but I rarely melakuukan blogwalking, and rarely online. Then in the end I tried to do blogwalking more often, both hers my friends and others, and almost every day I was online. morning and evening, since the day I had to go to school. Eventually over time I get better results than before. more of my blog visitors, but when the blog started a little noisy visitors, I am trying to visitors who visit the blog I do not feel bored. I always beerusaha for posting, although not every day. at least 1 week for beginners like me.

Minggu, 24 Januari 2010

Dispose of waste in place

Let's trash the place, to build a clean environment, away from disease and disaster. by doing this simple thing, we are including people who love the earth. Let us take care of our earth is getting older it's for our children and grandchildren that will trash the place. let us not throw garbage anywhere. indeed many people who do not care, even many people or students who throw garbage anywhere. causing this environment becomes dirty, filthy garbage strewn everywhere.

Sabtu, 23 Januari 2010

Do not stay up

It brings up all the effects are not good for our health. allows us susceptible to illness due to frequent night in the wind. does not matter if we stay up because there are important things, but if we stay up, but there was no good at all we will lose big. As we often stay up late into the night, we will be hard to get up early, we are reluctant to conduct activities during the morning.

Senin, 18 Januari 2010

Information about Muslim women part III

Today many women mengguanakan women's perfume smell out of the house to smell.

how when a Muslim woman uses perfume out of the house, if allowed, and how the law ..?

of jewelry that is forbidden in Islam is a woman who uses perfume. Islam forbids women using the perfume out of the house, for fear that the smell wafted by men.

Sabtu, 16 Januari 2010

Information about Muslim women part II

Today many women Women who shave her eyebrows, and then he makes his own line of eyebrow to look more beautiful. What is the ruling shave her eyebrows for the religion of Islam?

Prohibition in Islam a female, male and nail to maintain the long

What is legal in Islam a religion of men and women to maintain long nails?

As explained dalm words of the Prophet. which reads:
"Five nature to be done, ie: circumcision, shaving the hair
(below), cutting (smoothed) mustache, memotonh nails and plucking the armpit hair ".
                                                                 (Narrated by Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawood and Ahmad)

Kamis, 14 Januari 2010

Information about Muslim women

What is the legal filing and spacing of teeth for Muslim women ..?
today many women we meet a woman and even dilute filing her teeth to make them appear more beautiful and attractive ..
Would doing something like that is allowed in Islam ...?

Sabtu, 09 Januari 2010

Benefits of chocolate

Start the friends who did not dare to eat chocolate for fear of obesity, I have little information about chocolate. I hope my friends who had not dared to eat chocolate, after you read the information from me so do not be afraid to eat chocolate.

Jumat, 08 Januari 2010

Little about Notebook

If you want to buy a computer and still consider, select which desktop or notebook, I give a little information about it.
If you have more money you must choose which confused.
Here are advantages and disadvantages of the computer notebook used ..
Physically, the computer used to be bigger than the Notebook. and should be placed on the table, can not be taken anywhere. but the computer's power is stronger durability of the notebook, because it directly plugged into the electricity, and the engine is not easy to heat. while using the notebook battery and should be in carging when the batteries run out. Notebook in addition equipped with WiFi and a webcam. not good if we could be internet in our home area is free Internet broadcast. was quite a bit my knowledge of Notebooks. but it's up to you to choose which one. Your satisfaction is important.

Windows Vista

Windows Vista is Microsoft's new version of windows after the windows xp, GUI-based operating system from Microsoft that is used in personal computers (PCs), both for pengguuna home, business, or laptop computers. Before they were announced with the name of Windows Vista on 22 July 2005, the operating system is better known by his codename Longhorn (derived from the name Longhorn saloon, a popular bar in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada). Microsoft released windows vista on 8 november 2006 for business users and 30 January 2007 for home users. Thus, the launch of this windows vista is more than five years since the launch of Windows XP on 25 October 2001.
A new face called windows vista aero, built on a new machine called the Desktop Windows Manager. Windows Aero, also known as the aero glass, add support for 3D graphics (known as flip 3D), window transparency, animation, and other visual effects. Windows Aero requires graphics cards and high-end hardware capacity as:
  1. 64 MB of graphics memory is recommended to set layers 1024 * 768, and 128 MB to 1600 * 1200 +.  
  2. At least 32 bits per pixel 
  3. 3D hardware that supports accellaration direct 9.0  
  4. Memory with bandwidth (bandwidth) is recommended 2 GB / s  
  5. Ability to draw ~ 1.5 million triangles / second, with Setu window until ~ 150 triangles  
  6. Supports Windows Driver Display Driver Model (WDDM).
    Vista also offers other aero models:  
      1. Standard Mode, is a variant of Windows Aero transparency, animation, and other graphical effects like Flip 3D.
      2. Windows Classic mode, also available as the most basic interface. Windows classic has a similar view with Windows 2000 and do not use the Desktop Composition Engine new. Windows Classic Windows XP requires drivers Display Driver Model (XPDM) or WDDM and graphics card that supports Windows 2000.

      Source : http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Vista

      Selasa, 05 Januari 2010

      Create a blog was not easy as we imagine

      Create a blog was not as easy as we imagine. If we are ordinary people, would we just create a blog, then there is only one post that has made us proud. Everyone can make a blog reply just like that, because the existing instructions.

      Sabtu, 02 Januari 2010


      Internet is not something that is familiar to us. because today all over the world, almost all of the residents had known the Internet, both the children, adults, or the mothers, but there is also not known what it was the internet. Internet is helping us in our daily lives. by using the Internet we can find information from various parts of the world.

      in the year 2003 the world's Internet users reached 502 million people.

      According to the World Statistic 1,076,203,987 Internet users are men, may now reach triliyunan.

      Was in Indonesia itself, in the year 2001 Internet users reached 2.4 million people. then in 2004 reached 5 million people and in 2005 reached 18 million people. Indonesia is the largest number of Internet users to 15

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