Selasa, 05 Januari 2010

Create a blog was not easy as we imagine

Create a blog was not as easy as we imagine. If we are ordinary people, would we just create a blog, then there is only one post that has made us proud. Everyone can make a blog reply just like that, because the existing instructions.

If we want to run a good blog, first, you must have a Gmail first. Second, you give your blog title on the basis of the liver favorite, what's up. Third, create a URL address that is not too complicated. Next, you must choose a template for your blog, whatever you choose which one, because the template can digonta change. Next you need to post blogs, in this section, you must adjust your blog post with your blog title, should not deviate from the title of your blog.

Your blog has become! but is it enough until it was just, of course not, there are many other things we should do for your blog.

We must post at least two harisekali blog. then also have to promote our blogs, blog walking and many others. needed an experienced person to manage blogs, so we are good blogs and a lot of visitors.


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