Minggu, 24 Januari 2010

Dispose of waste in place

Let's trash the place, to build a clean environment, away from disease and disaster. by doing this simple thing, we are including people who love the earth. Let us take care of our earth is getting older it's for our children and grandchildren that will trash the place. let us not throw garbage anywhere. indeed many people who do not care, even many people or students who throw garbage anywhere. causing this environment becomes dirty, filthy garbage strewn everywhere.
Talk about taking out the trash just anywhere, would be associated with disasters, namely floods. Flood is a disaster of the most troubling for the community. other than his home is flooded when the floods came, their food and clothing as well. Various kinds of skin diseases will be easy to come. even in Jakarta almost every rainy season flooded. this is also caused by the spilled garbage everywhere. when the summer, they like to ignore how much risk will be obtained when the rainy season comes. they never realized, when they throw garbage anywhere, just as they were invited to their own flooding. So from that, let us dispose of garbage in its place, so that we can avoid flooding, and have a clean environment away from the disease.


Mursalin mengatakan...

I can't say but agree. Clean environment is something that we must keep, always.

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