Sabtu, 26 Desember 2009

Initial understanding of the computer

Initially at the time was Junior, a computer is not so familiar with me. Maybe because at that time less deeply about computers. Only the word, exel, and games that I know. But after graduating from junior high school, I experienced a total change, because I go to CMS Computer Network Engineering. Initially it was tough, because parents are forced together. But gradually I became like a computer, and then in the end I knew little about the hardware and software. I now know a bit about what it was the motherboard, processor, co processor, cd room, disk drives, hard disk, c mos, power supply, memory, PCI slots, AGP slot, VGA, COM, LPT, USB ports and others. I also know what it was installing, but for now I am still not able to install the operating system to install the application while I was a little can.


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